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Dress Code for Dance Classes

  • All dancers must be in dress code at all times, including shoes. 

  • Please write names in your shoes.

  • It is recommended for all dancers to have a dance bag. 

  • Hair has to be secured out of the face. 

  • Please do not wear dance shoes outside of the studio. It can mess up the bottoms of their shoes. 

  • No leggings, Tshirts, Tutus, or tank tops. 

Female Dancers


Jazz Shoes

  • All jazz dancers need tan slip on jazz shoes.


Ballet Shoes

  • Dancers 3rd grade and older need Ballet Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes.

Tap Shoes

  • All tap dancers 2nd grade and younger need the Matte Tan Snaps

Tap Shoes

  • All tap dancers 3rd grade and older need MATTE black lace up taps

Male Dancers

  • Black Dance Pants or shorts- No Pockets

  • White shirt (t-shirts okay)

  • Appropriate shoes: Black Tap shoes, black jazz shoes, or black ballet shoes.

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