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Music Lessons

Jamie's Performing Arts Studio proudly offers private Piano, Voice, and Guitar Lessons. We also have a Homeschool Choir Program.

Registration for the 2023-2024 School Year opens June 12.

Online Registration starts June 12!            Fall Classes Start August 7!(must pay registration fee and 1st month tuition in order to secure your class enrollment)
Studio Registration Days:
-June 13 from 11-3
-July 10 from 11:30-2
-August 3 from 2-5*Can't make one of these registration days? No problem. Message me to set up a time to stop by.

Piano, Voice, and Guitar Lessons

  • We offer weekly 30-minute private lessons in piano, voice, and guitar.

  • Students are required to be 6 years old and a beginner reader in order to enroll. 

  • Piano Students are required to have a piano/keyboard in their home in order to enroll.

  • Guitar Students are required to have a guitar in their home in order to enroll.


  • Registration Fee-$35

  • Monthly Tuition-$65

  • Recital Fee- $50

  • Required Materials will be charged to the student's account based on the cost of each book. 

Retro Microphone

Homeschool Choir Program

JPAS proudly offers a choir experience for Homeschool students. Students attend a 45-minute group choir session each week.

  • Recommended for ages 6 and up.


  • Registration Fee: $35

  • Monthly Tuition: $25

  • Recital Fee: $50 (waived if enrolled in private lessons)

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